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Does it take a long time to see results with organic lawn care?

Not always and it depends on what you do in between our visits.  

  • We'll leave info with tips and suggestions regarding mowing (how high or how low?).  
  • We'll give recommendations on when to water and how much to water so that your root system grows nice and deep. 
  •  It depends on what was done before our visits start.
If you start our lawn visits you will get high quality products, applied by licensed technicians and done at the proper time.  We'll also give you information to help speed things up.  When we work together things usually look really nice and you will see great results.

Do I need to water my lawn after the visits?

No you don't have to but it's beneficial if you do.  Organic fertilizer will not burn out a lawn, so the water would be to help get the fertilizer into the ground where it's needed so that it can work.  Rain is beneficial to fertilizer and will help it work better.  We recommend watering your lawn about once a week... maybe  twice and for about 45 minutes.  

When should I mow my lawn after a fertilizer application?

Waiting at least a day after a fertilizer application would be beneficial but not always needed.  If you can picture a granular fertilizer spread in a lawn and it going down into the grass near the soil.  Then when the lawn is mowed and just 1/3 of the blade is removed (which is just the top part) the granular fertilizer will still be there near the soil where it's supposed to be.  It's not likely that mowing the lawn will remove the fertilizer that we applied.  Even if the grass is bagged, it's not likely that the fertilizer will get sucked up.  

Should I  bag my grass or mulch it when I mow?

We recommend that you mulch your grass when it's cut.  We want the organic matter to increase in your soil and mulching the grass will help out.  When the grass is bagged that good stuff gets hauled away and likely spread in a farmers field and will improve that soil instead of yours.  Plus returning the grass clippings to the soil will help return some of the Nitrogen to the soil.

What does the Organic Based Blended Program Include?

The Organic Based Blended Program includes mostly organic fertilizer, some slow release fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, crabgrass pre emergent.  Weeds and Crabgrass can be spot sprayed throughout the season if needed.  

What other services do you offer besides fertilizer and weed control?

Fertilizer and weed control is what most of our customers have us do to their lawn but we do more:

  • Grub Control
  • Core Aeration with Overseeding
  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Organic Tree and Shrub Fertilizing
  • Fungicide Visits for Lawns and Trees
  • Gypsum Applications for Lawns 
  • Andesite Mineral Complex for Lawns

Why is the Organic/Natural Program more expensive than the Organic Based Blended Program?

Organic fertilizer costs more than chemical fertilizer.  Our Organic/Natural Program includes 100% organic and natural products and our Organic Based Blended Program includes about 85% organic and natural products and some slow release fertilizer.  

Do you use RoundUp or Glyphosate?

NO! NO! NO!  We will never use RoundUp  or Glyphosate (the chemical in RoundUp) on your lawn.  

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