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 Lawn Care Tips

We are professionals that know how and when to take care of your lawn and landscape. We do this all day every day and have been doing this 1994. At times we rely on the homeowner to help us out when we are not there.

Here are some things we can suggest and highly recommend:


  • Mow high, grass should be at least 3 inches high after it's cut.
  • Mow frequently during the active growth. Some weeks it may need it twice a week others it may be fine cutting every other week.
  • Leave the clippings on the lawn when possible.
  • Use a sharp blade. A dull blade will rip the grass and a sharp blade will make a nice clean cut.

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  • There are different growing seasons for a lawn in this area.
  • We start fertilizing around mid March and usually end around late November.
  • We can fertilize early spring, late spring, early summer, late summer, early fall and late fall (winterizer).

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  • Longer infrequent waterings are more beneficial than short frequent waterings. We want your roots to grow deep into the soil and not near the surface where it will dry out quickly.
  • Water early in the mornings when possible. If you water at night on a regular basis, over time a lawn can develop a disease from this.
  • Allowing your lawn to go dormant in the summer is ok but make sure it gets water once in a while still. There is always a point when a lawn can go from dormant to dead so keep those roots alive.

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