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Natural / Organic Lawn Care

Our Organic/ Natural Program provides the proper nutrients to make your lawn healthy, beautiful and thick all season long.  We offer 6 visits per year and they are spaced out about 5 weeks apart.  We do 2 in the spring, 2 in the summer and 2 in the fall.  All of the 6 visits focus on giving the grass and soil what it needs to grow properly.  Did you know that your soil can  be full of life if the proper products  are used?  There should be beneficial insects, micro organisms, worms, fungi, bacteria, rocks, minerals, organic matter and LOTS  of natural fertilizer for the grass to use.  When the soil is full of life and proper minerals then the worms, beneficial insects, micro organisms and bacteria feed on what's in the soil and naturally they poop which improves the soil and provides tons of natural nutrients for the grass and plants to use.  This is similar to what happens to the floor or soil in a forest.  Leaves fall... they decay, branches and trees fall... fungi start to feed... insects and worms eat organic matter and minerals... bacteria break down small things and this all results in a healthy nutrient rich environment for life to flourish.  The soil around most homes are not this rich in healthy soil, minerals or organic matter... but that can be fixed and improved. With each application of organic fertilizer the soil can be improved which attracts more beneficial life (worms and other beneficial insects).  With each application of 100% natural volcanic rock dust like Andesite Mineral Complex the soil is improved and any growing  in the lawn or landscape will improve in time.   As roots of plants grow deeper they penetrate the soil loosening up the hard clay allowing water to go deeper which in turn allows the roots to go deeper.   Also when you have organic natural fertilizer used instead of chemical fertilizers the soil is improved and more organic matter builds up in the soil.  When this happens more beneficial insects start living in your soil and worms will tunnel through your amazing soil too.  These worm tunnels allow more water to go deeper where the roots are which like we mentioned previously as the roots grow deeper it loosens up the soil deeper down.  An amazing environment starts to develop and a natural process will eventually take over.  Insects, worms, fungi, bacteria and other cool things will all start to live there and eat minerals, organic matter, even rocks then their waste (poop) returns for the grass and plants to use.  A natural and organic lawn and landscape can become symbiotic, one might say the relationship between the plants and soil are living in symbiosis.  

The alternative to this organic natural program is chemical lawn care.  We don't recommend this and chemical lawn care actually makes the soil worse and the beneficial insects and worms will start to go away.  When done season after season the soil turns bad and there is no life present in the soil... then the grass will NEED fertilizer often to stay green and grow properly.  Chemical lawn care and weed control both turn into a salt when in the soil and this adds up year after year making the soil a sterile environment.  This is referred  to the "salt index" which when it  gets high either from chemical lawn care, pesticides or winter rock salt the lawn will likely have more crabgrass (loves salty soil) and broadleaf weeds.  When the soil is healthy and full of great organic matter, watered properly, mowed properly there will be less weeds which means less pesticides needed.  It's very similar to us eating the properly, working out regularly and getting proper sleep... then we typically are healthy and need less medication.   

Some important terms to look for are Organic, OMRI, EPA approved, natural, safe.

Corn Gluten can be applied in the spring and fall each year to help prevent weeds and crabgrass from growing in your lawn.   It should be used at a rate of 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet.   The weeds and crabgrass seeds will still germinate in your lawn or soil but the newly sprouted weed seeds will not send roots into the ground with then kills them.  This should be done year after year along with proper fertilizing, proper mowing and watering to achieve optimal results.  Corn Gluten is also a really good natural fertilizer and can be used any time during the growing season and should be used at half the rate of when it's  used for weed control.  10 pounds per 1,000 sq ft is a good rate for when it's used as a fertilizer.   Since corn gluten meal is simply a byproduct of processing corn it seems like a good choice to purpose as a fertilizer.  It was originally added to hog feed as a supplement now it can be used as an alternative to chemical pesticides.  Re use, Re purpose and recycle right?

What our customers are saying

I have been using Pure Prairie Organics for 3 years now and they turned my brown lawn green again.  I have a daughter and she loves playing with our family dog on our lawn and I feel comfortable knowing that they are not exposed to the harmful chemicals and pesticides that most lawn care companies use.  My neighbors were so impressed with the way my lawn looked that they are now customers too.  I am pleased to have found such a company who takes pride in their work and it shows.

Mark J. Plainfield IL