We recommend our Premium Lawn includes:

1. 6 visits of either the Organic/Natural or Organic Based Blended Fertilizer Program

2. Core Aeration with Overseeding (fall is recommended)

3. Grub Control (typically done  before July)

4. Free Service Calls in between our visits

5. Free pH Test upon request

6. Free Spring Lawn Analysis/Report

7. Free Summer Lawn Analysis/Report

8. Free Fall Lawn Analysis/Report

We offer these services to help give you the lawn you want:

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• Organic/Natural Fertilizer Program 

This is a wonderful program and will give you a beautiful healthy lawn. We use some great organic fertilizer, some natural beneficial products which soften the soil and helps make the grass healthy and strong ...not many lawn care companies offer this...

We are glad you found Pure Prairie Organics.

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• Organic Based Blended Program - About 85% of our customers use this program

The Organic Based Blended Program is very similar to the Organic/Natural Program but we add some high quality traditional fertilizer, crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control to give you the best of both worlds. Many customers start with our Organic Based Blended Program and after a year they then consider the Organic/Natural Program. This program will give you a beautiful lawn ... when possible we will spot spray weeds... the fewer the weeds the less weed control that we use.

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• Tree and Shrub Fertilization

(done in the spring, summer and fall)

We have quality Tree and Shrub Care products that either get injected into the ground or sprayed directly onto the leaves of the trees or shrubs, depending on the season. Our products are superior and they not only improve the health of the trees or shrubs but we also focus on improving the root system so they continue to grow properly in between our visits. We can take care of your trees and shrubs in the spring, summer and fall.

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• Core Aeration with or without Overseeding or Gypsum (done in the spring or fall)

This is a wonderful way to loosen up compacted soil, allow your soil to breathe easily and create many passageways for water and nutrients to travel down to your root system. Some of our customers have us apply Gypsum or others have us overseed with a quality blend of grass seed to give new life to their lawn. The Gypsum will travel into the holes directly or by water and it will soften up the hard clay that is usually close to the soil surface. We pick a grass seed blend that suites your lawn depending on if it is located in full sun, sun and shade or full shade. Each year there are new varieties of grass seed and introducing a new one will make your lawn look beautiful again. Core Aeration can be done in the spring or fall.

***If you have an underground sprinkler system or an "invisible fence" for pets please let us know. Some areas need to be marked with flags so that our machines do not break or cut anything underground that we can not see.

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• Grub Control

(best results achieved when done before July)

 This should be done by early July so that the product can get into the ground before the adult beetles lay their eggs. If this application is missed there is another chance we have later in the fall after the eggs have hatched but we can risk some damage to the lawn if it's not caught in time. A preventative application can focus on only the grubs too instead of a broad kill of insects that is a result of the fall application.

We offer natural methods too... we can apply Milky Spore in the spring, summer and fall for 2 years and then the Milky Spore will start to control Japanese Beetles and Grubs naturally. 

Pick either our Organic Based Blended Program or our Organic/Natural Program

Then add Grub Control, Core Aeration and Overseeding

Request Prices

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Milky Spore is a great natural way to control grubs and grub damage.  It should be done each spring, summer and fall for 2 years before it's effective.

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Prepay  for the season 

and save $$

Many of our customer chose to prepay and save money.  

This saves you valuable time too during the busy season.