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What Makes us Different?

 Pure Prairie Organics is a small company that gives our customers a more personal approach to lawn care.

Pure Prairie Organics was started in Wheaton in 1994 and have slowly expanded to the surrounding areas...south into Naperville and Plainfield, north into Elgin, west into Sugar Grove and east into Oak Park and LaGrange.

We have kids, we have pets, we care about the environment and use the same products on our lawn.

We can take the time to figure out what your lawn needs and will work until we make your lawn a healthy place for you and your family. Many of our lawns get a custom blend of fertilizer applied to it because all lawns are not the same...if we need to do a soil test to get things right we can.

We can use Organic/Natural fertilizers and soil conditioners only or we can use an Organic Based Blended Program to give you a beautiful lawn. If you do want weed control, crabgrass control or grub control we can add that. We'll use as little of the "chemical stuff" as possible to give you the lawn you are looking for and then transition you and your lawn into the Organic/Natural Program sometime down the road.

We think you'll enjoy using Pure Prairie Organics because we'll give you a lawn that you'll enjoy coming home to, we'll give you close personal service and we'll use products that not only make your lawn look great but the soil will be healthy and full of life.